Authentic Bubble Tea Shop | BobaLand in Plano, TX

Authentic Boba Tea Shop in Plano, TX


Our Discovery Journey

Minh and Jenny began our discovery venture in hopes of finding the most distinctive and delicious drinks in all of Asia and in California.  At BobaLand, we want drinks that not only satisfy your thirst, but are nutritious and healthy.   What we came away with was a recipe of great tasting bubble tea drinks using all natural and the highest quality ingredients Taiwan, home to the original boba and motherland of all bubble tea, has to offer. Based on our collected discovery researches, we made the exciting journey to where everything is bigger in Texas and established our very own shop here in Plano.

Our Store and Our Pledge to You!

Here at Bobaland, our slogan is “Drink quality, Drink healthy”.  We offer an assortment of beverages from the everyday milk teas to the exotic drink like the Red Galaxy and Rising Phoenix. Our store decor features modern designs that deliver an experience that is part café and part lounge seating for socializing and networking.

Our pledge to our valued patrons is to deliver a perfect cup of boba drink that is prompt and comes with a smile. We promise your satisfaction guaranteed! And if you are not satisfied with your drink, we'll remake it until you are.

We hope you’ll join us in our journey and continue to drink quality and drink healthy boba milk teas.

Warm regards,
Minh and Jenny